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Simply Simple - Simplicity Lawn Mowers

by Andrew Caxton

Simplicity lawn mowers are manufactured by Simplicity Inc. and are easy to operate with all the operator comforts. Read all about some of the models of this tractor manufacturer

Zero Turn Radius Tractors - Simplicity

The Javelin from Simplicity is one of the low cost zero turn radius tractor within the reach of everyone. The neat features of Coronet are well appreciated by everyone and liked by the drivers who have driven the lawn mower. The features briefly are

  • The price range of Javelin tractor is $3200 to $3899, which makes it an affordable lawn tractor

  • It can move at a speed of 6 MPH in the forward gear and 3 MPH in the reverse gear. It can operate at this speed and cut the grass evenly at this speed.

  • It incorporates a single piece frame that is tough and stable and takes riding shocks easily and without transmitting it to the driver

  • The ride is further dampened with front springs to give you a smooth ride.

  • The height of cut can be continuously adjusted through a 6-position lever. The lever is accessible to the operator from seat.

  • All the controls are so placed that they are available to the operator without extending hand and the seat is padded for greater operator comfort. There are twin lever controls that are within easy reach of the driver and convenient to operate

  • The metering console includes an hour meter so that the maintenance can be arranged as per time suggested by the manufacturer and then the equipment gives you a trouble free service

  • The tires are 18-inch diameter and this makes for a comfortable ride.

  • The footrests are padded for additional driver comfort.

  • The three gallon fuel tank gives you sufficient range so that you can continue your work without bothering for refueling

  • The greatest advantage of this tractor is the ability to turn on a dime and that too with ease. The transmission is through Hydro Gear® EZT transmission for ease of driving and better control

  • The engines are from Briggs & Stratton or from Kohler and the horse power range is from 16 HP to 40 HP

The second lawn tractor from Simplicity is the Coronet Model. This model like the first one is also received well in the market. This model is smaller than the earlier one and gives 13 to 16 HP. It has all the features listed above and in addition, the following features are available in Coronet

  • It features Ground Hugger™ design and Auto Leveller™ system for making sure that the cut by the lawn tractor is clean and uniform over the entire work place served by this lawn tractor.

  • It has 13 inch front and 16 inch rear wheel and 30 inch or 34 inch cutting width

  • Electric power take off is one of unique feature of this lawn tractor making it work as electric generator at far off placed in your garden

  • The turning radius is 12 inches compared to zero turning radius for Javelin

  • Like the javelin you can continuously adjust the height of cut through Dial-A-Cut™ adjustment of height

So you can see that both models of Simplicity Inc stand up to their names very well.

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Lawn Mower Guide

How Choose The Right Type Of Lawn Mower

by Alan Ross

Do you like to have a beautiful lawn in your yard? Clean, green and well mowed lawn is not just everybody's dream but also is pretty much pleasing. You can engage a lawn mowing service for a fee but how about doing it yourself over the weekend? You need to know what type of lawn mower suffices your need and how much you should spend on it etc before you bought one for your home.

Choosing the Right Type of Lawn Mower

Before you chose a lawn mower, decide whether you want to buy electric or gasoline driven mower. Each type has its own ups and downs. In general you may follow the points as given below.

1. Base your decision on the area to mow. Larger the area bigger is the mower you may want to purchase. You can consider even the non powered mower for small lawns.

2. If your lawn is small and the farthest edge is about 30 to 35 feet away from your nearest power socket you can very well go for an electric lawn mower.

3. If it is for large gardens or golf courses go for ride-on models powered by diesel or gas engines with controls on both the hands. Even a garden tractor suffices for you. Engine power varies from 8.5 HP to 13 HP and the price from $1750 to $5000.

4. Price is an important factor to look at. A basic walk-behind model costs about $400 and for a little more you get a better engine with ball bearing and utility handle bars. Higher prices like $700 to $900 get you self starting, self propelled models with additional features.

5. For sloped small lawns a Hover model suits best. They are light and easy, you need to carry them to lawn and start. They come in both diesel and electric versions.

How Do You Want To Mow Your Lawn

Summer: Raise the mower to 3 inches or more to cut grass long. Mowing once in a fortnight may be enough depending on watering and soil condition.

Spring: Sharpen and service the mower before getting started. Only top-dressing must give the lawn a beautiful look.

Winter: Drain gas from the lawn mower and store it covered in your garage.

Automatic Lawn Mowers

The benefits of robot mowers are numerous. You don't have to push or ride a mower to get your lawn mowed, you don't have to deal with clippings, you free up some of your precious weekend time, and the mulch it creates is a healthy alternative to your lawn over fertilizer. Robomowers are also good for the environment - they take no gas or oil and create no emissions.

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Alan Ross is a regular article contributor on many topics. Be sure to visit his other websites Lawn Mower and Fire Alarm

Lawn Mower Guide